Hello Stockton and San Joaquin Valley!

Hello Stockton and San Joaquin Valley!

We are Alpine Estate Sales and Service. Thank you for visiting our website. Hope you like it and come back often to watch us grow.

So little time and so much to tell you, but we’ll do our best to help you plan your estate sale.

What Estate Sale Services Do We Provide?

We sort, clean, price and stage the merchandise for you. We provide all the necessary tables and display cases to showcase your items to potential buyers.

Additionally, Alpine Estate Sales provides as many staffers as your sale requires.

Estate Sale Clean-up Services

We separate salable items from non-salable items during the sale and after the sale.

After the estate sale, we pack all the unsold items for you. As the owner, you decide what to do with the unsold articles. We can recommend a charity that will pick up unsold items free of charge.

Trash Hauling Services

We can refer you to trusted trash hauling services who will leave the house clean and empty saving you time and money.

How Do We Determine Prices on Merchandise?

Pricing the merchandise appropriately is the most important service we provide as estate sale professionals.

Usually, we can determine a price by examining the item. But, there are times when the article is rare or has special markings on it. In certain cases, we work with auction houses that employ professional appraisers with their own field of expertise in areas such as art, glass, furniture, antiques, currency, jewelry, classic cars, and more.

You can rest assured and have peace of mind that your items will be priced correctly.

How much do estate sale services charge?

The amounts charged by various estate sale services vary greatly. Most companies charge by  gross sales, however, be careful, because some companies may have hidden charges.

At Alpine Estate Sales we review all your items and mutually agree on fees with you. Our price includes all costs for setting up, displaying and staging items, advertising your estate sale, and cleaning up after the sale.

We can refer you to a local expert to haul away your trash.

(Packing materials for boxes, bags, packing tape may be charged separately)

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