Hall of Flowers

Stockton and San Joaquin Valley Estate Sales

We thought we might keep this post and picture on our website because of the peace and tranquility it shows. This is in contrast to what you may be feeling as you try to decide on an estate sale company.

Estate sales are not like a typical business, where you do a good job for a customer and they come back for more.

No, if you are lucky you may only use the services of an estate sale company once in a lifetime, so you see the issue is, how to build trust when you have only one chance to do a great job.

The best advertising, of course, is “word of mouth”, which today usually means “word of internet” or “word of social media”.

You can be sure that we do appreciate any online posts that give us positive reviews. We love good reviews. However, we go one step further. We have quite a few clients who have “over the top” reviews of our service and would love to take your call to share their experiences.

To sum up, every happy customer is a flower in our “hall of flowers” and we are looking to build a bigger atrium.

Call us today for a no obligation interview and discover just what sets us apart from those other companies.