Relax, We’ve Got This

Relax, We’ve Got This

Fortunately, planning for an Estate Sale does not come along very often, but when it does, you need the services of an experienced and qualified Estate Sales Company such as Alpine. After all, an Estate Sale is not just a big garage sale. It can be a huge undertaking, not for the faint of heart.

Questions such as: Where do we start? How do we decide on the price of each item? Could we just sell everything to one company and be done with it? How much do Estate Sale companies charge? Who can we trust to handle everything honestly and quickly

As you think about liquiding an estate, here are some points to consider.

A buy out will let you dispose of personal property faster.
However, dealers know the value of items and will probably pay less than market.
But, you don’t have liability for accidents, breakage and theft.
Dealers are professionals and show more respect for the property

It’s human nature to look for bargains, and people who love Estate Sales love to haggle.
The Estate Sales company will take a commission on everything sold.
Buyers may buy multiple items, increasing your profits.
Buyers may also leave a mess as they walk through the property. A Good Estate Sales company will have team members there to keep everything neat and clean.
More items will sell and you will have a bigger profit than with the Buy Out option.

Everything. Don’t throw away anything. You’d be surprised what people will buy.
Meet with your family to decide who will be responsible for handling disposal of the personal property.
Distribute property evenly and fairly, taking into consideration both sentimental and monetary values.
If you have irreconcilable differences, consider using the services of professional.
Be sure to store saved items.
Do Not store saved items on the premises, they may be mistakenly sold in the liquidation process and can interfere with the estate sale.

Why Use Alpine


An Estate Sale is a way of liquidating the personal property of a estate. An estate sale is much more than a garage sale. Life events such death, downsizing, moving, divorce, and even bankruptcy can create the need for an estate sale. The property is opened to the public and anyone who shows up has the opportunity to purchase any item that is priced for sale.

Alpine Estate Sales Company can handle this huge task without being emotionally involved.

Estate Auctions are similar, but the items are auctioned instead of being marked with a selling price.

Estate Sales are run in several different ways. Typically the items are marked with a selling price, and if you want an item you pick it up and pay for it. If an item is too large to carry, you can have it Marked Sold.

Some companies will accept bids, but this process is difficult to monitor.

Another method for handling an estate sale is to make the marked price non-negotiable. Then, all prices are reduced 50% on the second day of the sale. This has proved to be very successful.

Be courteous. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

Do not bring children or pets into the estate sale property. There may be many breakable items that don’t mix well with them. And, the general rule is “you break it, you bought it”.

“First come, first served” is the order of the day.