Rare Books May Be a Bonus

Rare books may be a bonus in any estate liquidation. Therefore, we always advise anyone getting ready for an Estate Sale not to throw away anything.

Some books may be in bad condition and you may be tempted to think they are trash. However, give them a chance to sell and you could be pleasantly surprised.

As we previously said, you never know what people will buy.  Everyone wants to believe they may find something here that they could take to “Antique Roadshow”. We may be kidding a bit, but some books may have unusual value to collectors, so let’s display them.

Serious buyers love antique and estate sales. There are many stories of valuable items being purchased at estate sales. Sometimes, even the buyer doesn’t realize the full value of the item. Certainly, in this setting, rare books may be a bonus for your sale.

We have found many people at our sales are treasure hunters at heart. Some may even think of themselves as “Indiana Jones”, which is fine by us. Indeed they all add excitement to the day and are welcome anytime.